2015 kite gallery

Bob's and Charmayne's kites in 2015

Mickey Hip Pocket Hybrid 2 new Hip Pocket Hybrid kites. There are new little kite fliers! Click here for the original project done in 2012. Starry Hip Pocket Hybrid
Trigon Box kites     
Black and yellow Trigon box Three new Trigon Box kites. The kite design is by Carsten Domann. Bob has spray painted each design onto ripstop nylon.  
Black and Yellow Trigon Box view of a Trigon box kte Trigon Box Kite
Trigon Box kite blue Trigon Box kite Trigon Boxes
the 5th Koi kite Kabuki Warrior Shield kite, from Mark Engbaum's Ft. Worden class Ripstop nylon Victory Star kite
Koi Kite Kabuki Warrior Shield kite Ripstop nylon Victory Star