1999 Gallery of Kites

Bob and Charmayne's kites 


These are several of the projects we did in 1999.
Brogden 6-wing
Brogden 6-wing
Star Woman
Celtic appliquéd "star woman" round kite.
Felix Train  Felix the Cat kite train

Felix the Cat train. The first Felix in line has wiggling eyes. We have made several Felix kites. Besides our original Felix and his brother with wiggling eyes and this train,  one is living in Japan, one in Indiana, and one in Delaware.

school bus line laundry

One of our biggest line laundry projects so far is our school bus. We used the neighbor children as models for the students and the kindergarten silhouettes of my sons, Anders and Arno, Jr. We finished it just in time for the 1999 AKA convention in Muncie. There are more photos on our line laundry page.