2023 kite gallery

Bob's and Charmayne's kites in 2023

More kites in various materials...
Perkin's kite A Perkin's replica cotton. The original is one of Scott's. This is a high wind radio kite.  
Newspaper kite From KinterKites' Cigarette Kites book is this Russian kite with Removable Wings as a special edition to the book. It is outside the perimeters of the cigarette kite requirements.
Bob made it from newspaper.

Trampoline trial kite
This is Bob's trial version of the Trampoline kite. This was the chosen kite for the UCVGP project.  We knew we could not go to FanÝ in 2023 but as always, we made the project kite. This challenging kite was first made of Tyvek, the house wrap. It seemed like Bob re-made it a half dozen times but in reality probably closer to a hundred! It does not have the yellow yarn tassles on the outriggers in this photo since this was yet another trial.  
Here is the ripstop nylon version: ripstop Trampoline kite The kite needs a big tail and drogue. Still no tassles but Bob did get it up and flying.
Trampoline kite
There is a tunnel keel sewn to the upper sail.
New line laundry, again courtesy of a Peter Lynn kit. This is the whale shark. Look at all those lovely dots! Whale shark whale sharks
  We made two kits, one dark blue and the other black. The gills for both kits were gray. I did not think they would show up enough on the dark blue and so made them out of a mango color. And of course needed to back cut them.  
eyes The eyes were easier with a little hand basting. They puff out and look great. finished eye
details details ready to sew Peter's kits are always wonderful. Far left photo shows a notch in one panel and on the top layer are the marks showing where to line the layers together. Pins are fine. Lots of pins. It is line laundry.
blown up It is always so exciting to see the line laundry blown up after Bob gets the bridles tied on. He rigged a small fan for this purpose. Better than a hot hair dryer!  
And in the air! This was at the Jamestown, North Dakoka festival. Whale sharks flying  
Bob's Christmas kite!


 I am so proud of this Hi-Flier replica. It joins a lot of other replicas but this one seems to be amazing. To the left is the paper kite original. Below the ripstop and nylon replica.
Hi Flier original
Progress photos...
Almost done and a close-up.
nearly done Cosmic Asteroid progress Cosmic Asteroid
The maiden flight, January 01, 2024... Cosmic Asteroid