2013 gallery 

Bob's and Charmayne's kites in 2013


2013 is the Chinese year of the snake. Charmayne's Chinese Zodiac symbol, too. I needed a kite with the snake on it and the Mezger kite seemed like the perfect platform for this appliquéd design.

 Year of the Snake


Jimmy Pentagon

  Getting ready to teach at Ft. Worden in 2014, we made a Jimmy Pentagon kite. This kite was designed by Mathias Rosbund. Jimmy is quite a large kite, good for light winds. We gave my pink Jimmy green hands and feet with an overlay of shiny fabric, just in case he becomes lit from the front. Moon eyes complete his fabulous looks.

Later we made his companion in red.

red Jimmy Pentagon
Cloud Seeker    The Cloud Seeker. A cute, small, and classic box kite. Barb Meyer taught this kite at Ft. Worden Kitemakers Conference this year. It is made from ripstop nylon and wood dowels and flies like a champ. 

  The Stack 7 kite designed and taught by Ralf Maserski was the other Ft. Worden 2013 workshop I attended.
 Stack 7 kite

small Jimmy Pentagon 

We started looking for a good kite for our grandchildren and friends for their July beach adventure. Would Jimmy scale down for them? We made a 1/3 size Jimmy. No it did not work well. Bob got it to fly with a different bridle and a huge loop tail. Even then it is not good for the children to fly.  

What we ended up making for the Westport Beach Adventure (which is connected to our daughter-in-law's side of the family and a bike ride), was the Uhl kite. To see these darling kites, click here or on the photo to the right.

The Bajuk 1929 classic kite.   Bajuk 1929, big wing Bajuk 1929 on Fano
We made 2.  The yellow has a larger wing. They are made from cotton with rods of bamboo canes. Bajuk 1929 big wing  Bajuk 1929 big wing 
Bajuk 1929   Bajuk 1929  Bajuk 1929
One of our road trips this year was to John Day National Monument in eastern Oregon. What a spectacular place. We flew our homemade Zoone bird. Perfect for the no wind, total quiet and perfect beauty of the painted hills. Zoone bird Bob flying the Zoone bird
A new cotton and bamboo kite we finished in November. It was named "Dragonfly". It is another Arno Haft design from the mid 1950's. Dragonfly finished  Dragonfly in the air 
 Atomic Rocket Bob's 2013 Christmas kite is one more "Hi-Flier" replica. Each time we make one, I really feel it is the last. Then we see another that we need! The Atomic Rocket was made in Minnesota by the Northwestern Kite Company, Inc. The photo I found was of the green rocket ship on white paper. I made the words "Atomic Rocket" black to stand out.