2016 kite gallery

Bob's and Charmayne's kites in 2016

Bowtie kite This is another Russian kite replica. The sail is cotton and it has wood spars. Our "Bow Tie" kite. Bow tie kite
We are teaching the Zwirbel (designed by Bernd Knupfer) at Ft. Worden next year. This will be our example and then into the raffle it will go. Our normal ones are too long for the classroom. Zwirbel line laundry  
We made one of Carsten's Trigon Box kites for the kite muesum in Long Beach, WA. This was his 2016 Ft. Worden class.This short maiden flight will probably be it's only time in the air. It will be in the cellular kite display. Trigon Box kite Trigon Box
Heart kite The heart kite was developed by René Maier. He lives in Switzerland. We made our heart from Internet plans. He will be at Ft. Worden in 2017. More hearts may come! Sorry for the horrible photos. Gray sky pictures are terrible. Heart kite
And another gray sky photo:  our new replica kite. This is a old Russian elliptical cellular design which we made in ripstop nylon with carbon rods. Russian kite replica Russian replica
The start of a new line of laundry! blue and yellow line laundry line laundry movie
Chain Zwirbel Spiral line laundry
And another in the works for this laundry line. line laundry