Bob's and Charmayne's kites in 2012


The fabulous flying Gregor Hip Pocket Hybrid has got to be our favorite kite for children. Literally decades ago we made nearly 30 of them for Christmas gifts. They were given to the kindergarten class of a friend's child. This year we revisited the Hip Pocket kite for our grandchildren and 4 of their friends. We made 8 total. These however, went a bit over the top with appliqué and spray painting. To see the collection of them, plus a couple pictures of 3 of the darling little kite flyers, open this page.

bee hip pocket

Riley and friends

  This kite is called a Mezger. It is a German design which we will be teaching at Ft. Worden Kitemakers Conference in 2013.  
Suruga-style kite   
The kite to the left is fairly small. It is a Suruga-style kite built at the Ft. Worden Kitemakers Conference. Mark Engbaum did his normal great job presenting the workshop on Sunday morning. We came home with a plain purple kite, took the rods back out and I did the appliqué Japanese warrior face in .7 ounce red. The eyes just seem to glow. They are a scrap of a shiny white .5 ounce ripstop. In higher winds, he flies with a tail.
with the fuzzy tail

Russian box for Erhard

To the left is the Russian 3-celled winged box we made for our German friend Erhard. This is the second one we have made, the first being the prototype in 2005 which you can see here.

This is a Steiff variation reproduced in ripstop nylon. Not a great flier. Steiff variation