2020 kite gallery

Bob's and Charmayne's kites in 2020

Moth The year began with 2 more butterflies. Well, one more butterfly and one moth. These little butterflies first arrived in 2014. There are now five that flutter around.
In winds between 3 and 6mph, they flutter and dart and dodge gently around. Wind above 6mph will bend their wings back too much to look nice.
blue butterfly butterfly flock
Moon eyes We have another Jimmy!!!!
Jimmy is one of my favorite kites. We taught him at Ft. Worden. And one of my students could not attend but wanted the kit. And that kit came back to me. He fits in so well with the others.
Jimmy the Third
Jimmy number 1
Jimmy the Third
Jimmy the Second
UCVGP:  Frantzen Planeur Cerf-Volant Voilier
System L.P.F. type 1922

New kite construction process:
Bob makes a miniature...
Bob drafts the patterns...
Charmayne cuts fabric and sews...
Bob rigs, makes rods, bridles...
Bob makes them fly.
Bob's miniature sewing
UCVGPP 2020 Frantzen type 1922 UCVGPP 2020 flight
Kay's kite A second eight-winged box kite designed by Mike Bithell. We made a blue and yellow one in 2019. More information about it in the 2019 Gallery.  
I decided to try to resurrect our pink and green line laundry. It has been retired for quite a few years. The pink faded considerably. The green somewhat. It looked brownish in the sky.
We sorted out the pieces which were mostly green and I made a new Zwirbel. This was to see how it would blend with the faded green pieces.
new green line The new green blends with the slightly faded green. The color difference is not going to be noticeable without someone looking for it.
We kept the chain, Bob's ring and Donut Guy.
Zwirbel closeup Zwirbel  
Next we decided to revamp a long worm, my combo tube.
We put it on the line and decided "why not try it". We carry a small repair kit. Bob cut off the front with a snap knife and rebridled it with a large needle and the old bridle lines. If it looks better, I would do a permanent job at home with a new neck opening.
old and new Still not the best with the faded pink but so much better with much of the pink gone. It gets to stay.
green hippo The green hippo is the brother to the blue hippo. This one doesn't have a tube in the mouth opening. I used mesh instead. I decorated him with some left over green polka dots. (Every hippo needs pizazz.) Teal foot pads and ears and he was ready to fly. Click on the photo to the right for close-ups of details.
The walrus has yet to fly. Rain, rain, go away.
hippo closeups
green hippo dots new green line Flying on August 3, 2020.

hippo movie

The Hippo Movie

~~~and in lower resolution here~~~
Bob's Christmas kite!

Reg'lar Fellows

 Reg'lar Fellows has a graphic from the long running comic strip created by Gene Brynes. The newspaper comic strip was syndicated from 1917 to 1949. It was about a "gang" of suburban children and their adventures. The strips were eventually collected into several books. Mr. Brynes' graphics were used for branding various items such as breakfast cereal and baseball bats. The Dolly Toy company licensed it for a paper kite.

The Dolly Folding Kite Company was started in 1923 by Henry B. Holtvoigt and two of his children in Ohio. In the beginning it made kites. There are several interesting photos on the Dolly Toy Co. Facebook page showing the kite factory floor. Scroll down to the 2015 Facebook posts.
As the years passed and the company changed so did the name. In 1929 it became the Dolly Folding Kite and Toy Company, in 1951 The Dolly Toy Company, and finally Dolly, Inc. Eventually the company evolved into a very successful manufacturer of thick, laminated cardboard wall hangings for nurseries and toys for children.  Of 30 toy companies in Dayton, Ohio, only this one survived the depression years.

The company was sold after Hubert passed away. Hubert was one of the children originally starting the company. It closed a few years later.
 Reg'lar Fellows barn door paper kite

I saw a photo of one of the original barn door style kites in the collection of George Paisiovic.  George went to great effort to send me several excellent photos of the kite. Many, many thanks. Without his help, our Reg'lar Fellows would not be a reality today.
 It is a mystery to me when this paper kite was actually made as the manufacturer name on the kite is Dolly Toy Company. But the hey day of Reg'lar Fellows had passed by the time the company name was changed to that rendition. Additionally, the information I have found says the kites were made in the beginning and the company was failing by 1929 and therefore the products changed. Note the Babe Ruth kites in two of the Facebook pictures. This candy bar was introduced in 1921. Was this a  promotional kite for the candy bar? It is a date far earlier than 1951. It is a mystery!  The Dolly Toy Company also made diamond kites so I took the liberty of putting this Reg'lar Fellows boy on our standard Hi-Flier kite.

By the way, this fellow's name is Jimmy. There were 5 boys and a girl named Aggie in the Reg'lar Fellows gang.

Reg'lar Fellows