2018 kite gallery

Bob's and Charmayne's kites in 2018

Swallow arch This year started with more arch swallows. We first made these in 2008. Their low profile makes flying them a challenge but the extra ones seem to be giving a bit more lift. Swallows from arch
We found this cute Pirate at our local thrift store. He was pretty much a "shipwreck". Charmayne repaired the skin and added some pirate gold.  Bob replaced sticks and bridle lines. We now call him ours. Commercial pirate kite reborn
Sea Gull kite Based on Martin Lester's bird kite plan is our trio of sea gulls. They don't like to fly without a tail so we have tried several, attempting to settle him down but not be too noticeable. Tassles (to the right), just a loop of line to the left, and Y-harness with a single tassle (below). Sea Gull kite
Sea Gull kite Bob added the wing tip detail with paint. That changed the whole look. Sea Gull kites
Another classic kite is our new little yellow and blue box. Cotton and wood dowels.
It was designed by W. B. Luce in 1897.
He named it the Triangular Cellular Kite. Yep.
Blue and yellow classic Yellow and blue box with a Koi kite
This 1939 winged German box kite replica is made from silk as originally specified.  From a sewing aspect, it was quite a change from cotton. The fabric itself is very lightweight which was another issue. The designer is Heinrich Beerlaae. He called it Kastendrachen or Box Kite. Silk kite Silk kite
Silk kite It has a 2 point bridle. The top and bottom legs are joined by an elastic band. The little wings gives this box a stocky look.
Our friend, Inge Sauvé, flew a wonderful kite on Fanĝ in 2017. It was her original design, a question mark. Well, I loved it and we talked and I measured and photographed. This year Bob suggested a incandescent light bulb to go along with her question mark, including a cord and power plug making the inflating tail.  Success. They looked great in the air together. Light bulb and question mark kites Here is the question:  Which is true?

"I have a question", says Inge. Charmayne replies, "Yes, I have an idea about that!"
OR is it...
Charmayne says, "I have an idea!" Inge replies, "Whatever ARE you thinking???"
Light bulb kite  Light bulb kite Light bulb kite
A cotton and wood dowel winged box replica.
It is called the "Sky-It". It is not a good flying kite. Quite wild. More work is definitely needed for this one.
Sky-It  blue cotton winged box Sky-It
The UVCGP Fanĝ kite for 2018 is a winged Potter. Click here for look at this project. UVCGP2018 Bob with the Potter
Potter classic kite  Another classic replica kite we made this year is the 1898 Potter Diamond Cell kite. It is really a beauty. Potter Diamond cell 
These 4 classic replicas all had their maiden flights the same day. The Sky-It was put out away from the others! 4 classic kites  
And here is Bob's 2018 Christmas kite.
The Cloud Buster P-91. Maybe number 16 in our Hi-Flier, Top Flite, Alox, and Cloud Buster replica series? Plus the two barn door Jolly Boys.
Cloud Buster replica Cloud Buster P-91