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Bob's and Charmayne's kites in 2022

FanÝ happened for us in 2022! It was a wonderful 2 weeks weatherwise and for kite flying, visiting old friends, making new ones. And the UCVGP project was completed by all. This year the project was chosen by Michel. The L'Avion Belge or in English, The Belgian Plane. Michel made several sizes. The rest of us were satisfied with his large size. Michel's banner Note Charmayne's special touch of using her Grandmother's antique lavender twill tape as edge binding.  Most of the group is following Achim's lead of stenciling information on the kite. Frits labeled his the L' Avion du Sauvť. Some are labeled with the UCVGP title and maybe the year. Cat used the name of the kite as did Michel. Scott went outside the box with his ripstop white patchwork with black cells beauty.
a closer look   Lavendartwill tape
Bob's kite
Bob's kite
Frits' kite
Frits' kite
Scott's kite
Scott's kite (sorry about chopping heads)
UCVGP group 2023 Our group! flying
Bob always ckecks over the kites we plan on taking on trips. The Egyptian parasled took a hard crash while being soaking wet last summer. He especially wanted to check it over. Opps. As he shook it out, a white panel shredded. I came over to take a look and, in picking up the edge, more shredding happened.  Not an easy fix and certainly not flyable. We have 2 others. It is ok.

Not so ok. We started to check another ParaSled. This time my fingers  went through a white panel, destroying a second 2 meter ParaSled in the space of about 10 minutes,
 We were leaving for FanÝ in a couple of weeks. Make another ParaSled? Not going to happen but Bob had an idea. He suggested we make new panels and sew them into the tubes. I was pretty skeptical as putting new fabric into old is not recommended.

Bob did all the ripping apart, being very careful with the black tubes and keels, saving me a lot of work. I cut 2 new panels, this time a nice teal color.  I re-applied the graphics and sewed the sled back together, using double sided tape wherever possible for added strength.

 The refurbished sled was back in the sky in just a matter of days (and the dolphin kits arrived and got sewn, too). Bob test flew it in back of the house in fairly strong wind. It held together and so went to FanÝ. And has held up fine.
  back in the air  
Early in 2022 we got several messages and emails from friends. A museum was looking for a replica Garber Target kite. We had made both sizes in 2005 for the FanÝ Classics. Did we want to make another? We don't sell kites, Bob's workshop wasn't set up for wood work, the plans had not made the move from Gig Harbor, we did not have fabric, and on and on. As the days and weeks went by neither of us could gather any enthusiasim to make another Target kite.  Why not donate our 5 foot kite to the Museum? Yes, a good solution. The currator, Doug Cubbison, was agreeable. We drove up to show him what we had.  Exactly what he wanted. The installers of the new exhibit helped Bob put it up in the air. There is a huge gun pointing at it. The exhibit was still under construction so when we go back for a visit, I will get more photos. The idea of our kite was to show people what the gunners had looked at and practiced shooting down. 

The museum is in Dubois, Wyoming.
Address: 6419 US-26, Dubois, WY 82513

In a little town but this is not a little museum. It is fantastic. And huge. 160,000 square feet (so far). Your admission ticket is good for two days and you may need even more time.
The link to visit the website: https://nmmv.org/ 
Dan Starks, is the founder. This is a private museum and in my opinion is better than any of the Smithsonian museums we have been in. The museum is intends to teach and does it well. It honors our Veterans. If you go to Yellowstone or the Tetons, this is a stopover well worth a day or 3. Small tourist town... have reservations if you want a hotel room.
NMMV display NMMV display  NMMV display 
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Bob's Christmas kite!

OP Art 8-wing box

 It is our third 8 wing Box by Mike Bithell AKA Kay's Box.  See our 2019 Gallery for more details.

Bob did a test fly in the yard. My relief was great. The graphics seem to work.

One addition we have made to Mike's kite is using a "break" of nylon netting. It attaches to the trailing cell and is about 10 inches square. This seems to help stabilize the kite in our bumpy mid-western winds.