2012 hip pocket hybrid kites

Bob's and Charmayne's kites in 2012

Hip Pocket Hybrids project


 This year we revisited the Hip Pocket kite for our grandchildren and 4 of their friends. We made 8 in total. I used scraps for some, appliquéd simple designs on some, put designs on the top canopy to peak through the hole. It is hard to photograph those little designs on dancing kites. Bob put flames on Arno's sled with an airbrush and I spent way too much time turning Riley's kite into a spray painted giraffe pattern with a giraffe peaking through the hole. Can you see her name in the pattern?

In 2014 we made 2 more. Mickey was the replacement for the cowboy (later found) and stars for another little friend.

Riley's giraffe

Riley's kite

Gwen's flamingo

 Ezra's cowboy

 Arno's flames  Libby's butterfly sled   Hearts for one of the twins

  Arden's bubbles

  Riley and friends

  Enough kite flying!
And time to go play but first, stake it down!
2015's additions    
Hip Pocket hybrid kite Mickey on a Hip Pocket hybrid closeup of Mickey