Bob and Charmayne's kites 


Here are some of the kites and pieces of line laundry we made in 2001.
  Our fifth pair of Wadsworth Rotators. These are really fascinating kite to watch and build. We fly 3 pair and have given two sets away for raffles/auctions. rotators 2001
A stack of three Eddy kites. This was designed by  James Means in 1895. It is arranged on a single spine with very interesting rigging. We found the Means Kite in Paul Garber's book "Kites and Kite Flying", published by the Boy Scouts of America in 1931.    Means kite Means Kite 
1 meter para sled This is a 1 meter parasled. It is much less stable than our normal 2 meter parasleds so in higher winds it will fly with a tail. It is surprising how much line laundry it can lift. Small but mighty. The kite we taught at Ft. Worden 2001 was a 1 meter parasled. We made several of these in preparation for the class.
It's a hit! The Baseballer and Sky Master. Two of our "Hi-Flier" replicas. They are actually Top Flites from the Grunden Martin Manufacturing Company. These kites are about 5 feet tall and fly so well in light winds. We made several of the replica kite series in 2001. Sky Master
Sky Rider
Sky Rider, a Cloud Buster
Clown Cloud Buster replica
the Clown, a Cloud Buster
Charmayne with Strat-o-Flier   Strat-O-Flier Hi-Flier
Strat-O-Flier, a Hi-Flier

The Berlin Flyer

An old German airplane kite design. Airplane kites or Flugzeug was the Fano Classic kite this year.


Berlin Flier  
Lester bird pair This year at Ft. Worden, besides teaching the 1 meter ParaSled class we made a Martin Lester bird kite. This little swallow flies well but only with a sizeable tail. We made a second one to fly them as a pair. Lester Bird pair
New line junk. Our pink and green line has six pieces on it now. This line was started in 2000. Not flying with them is a double wheel with internal spikes, next photo over. Green line laundry Bob's spiked bol
Flattermann Seen on a German web page. It is Flattermann. Our Flying Man is made from a Tyvek paint cover-up suit and booties, a Tyvek hood and rubber gloves. Flattermann
 We made another, larger, meteor when the first flew well last year. larger meteor kite