Kites On Ice 2003:   Madison, Wisconsin

What a great event this year! Year number five. Number 4 for us. The theme this year was "Kites of Our Childhood". Local kite fliers, ones from all around the United States, and from foreign countries came to fly kites, display kites, make kites, teach about kites and simply have a good time. We did! The Monona Terrace is such a great venue for Kites On Ice. Global Celebrations, doing a fantastic organizational job, the sponsors such as Madison Festivals, Inc., Charter Communications, Wisconsin Innkeepers Association, Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation, Alliant Energy (to name just five of the many) giving financial backing, plus the hard work from all the wonderful local volunteers made 2003 the best yet Kites On Ice. We thank Kristi and her crew!

The theme "Kites of Our Childhood" was very apparent inside. Old paper kites plus several of our replica Hi-Fliers were hung in the foyer of the Terrace. As in the past, children's day was on Friday and indoor workshops for the public were given on Saturday and Sunday. Indoor flying demonstrations happened at various times throughout the weekend. All this sounds like it would be well worth spending either a Saturday or Sunday in Madison. It was (!) and I have not even mentioned the kites being flown outside on the frozen lake or the night fly, complete with a very impressive fireworks display. I will let my pictures tell the outdoors story, except to say Sunday started out with rain and I don't think we saw the sun all weekend, so sorry, no pictures with blue skies. Click on the highlighted words below or the purple buttons to read more of what was on display and see my pictures.



inside the Terrace Diver kite in front of the Terrace children's kites