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"Kites of Our Childhood" and our Hi-Flier replica kites fit together like a hand and a glove. Several collections of the old paper kites plus 7 of our replicas were hung in the foyer of the Terrace. Old advertising kites were on display in one of the meeting rooms along with the historical cloth kites from the French Air and Space Museum which Gerard Clement brought from Paris. Gerard also brought an incredible photo display. Scott Skinner brought a wonderful grouping of old post cards and stamps depicting kites. Kay Buesing (World Kite Museum), Charlie Sotich, Craig Wilson, Richard and Marti Dermer put parts of their collections on display. The Madison Library brought over 60 children's kite books for the public to view and read. Add in the other booths and kite displays, such as Craig's Aerial Photo pictures, and you have an absolutely tremendous indoor display.

Kay Buesing, World Kite Muesum director Set up day. Gerard Clement, French Air and Space Museum
hanging kites in the foyer
Maddeaux kite being assembled ...and being assembled... ...and being assembled...
Everyone hard at work. ...and being assembled... ...and being assembled...


kids' kites The kites the school kid's made. kids' kites
kids' kites kids' kites kids' kites

Finished! the foyer kite eating tree
advertising kites were very popular advertising kites advertising kite
What kite memories do you have from your childhood?  These are 3 replies sent in... Abdul Halim's childhood memories Jonathon Schenk's poem
Craig Wilson's boyhood memory paper kite paper kite
inside display happy visitors