Kites on Ice 2002

Kid's Day Friday



One of the highlights of our trip to Madison is always Friday, Kid's Day. For several weeks, the local area middle schools have been using kites in their curriculum. They end the unit by making kites in their classrooms and then come to the Monona Terrace to fly them with us. Unfortunately this year the weather did not cooperate to allow the boys and girls to be on the ice. Outdoor space was very limited and not too conducive to kite flying: trees, lamp posts, streets being the hazards of the small park area. We split the time working inside, looking at bridles, doing test flights, minor repairs as necessary and then ventured out. Flying conditions were not at their best but I think not only the kids, but the kiters as well, enjoyed the day as many of the kites did get up into the air. 


Outside flying Bat sled kite Dragon sled

Village sled story Rigid wing swallow Sled kite
Dragon stunt kite story Tough but fun flying