KOI 2003

2kiters          On the Ice!

Kites On Ice 2003


Saturday was a great day. We really enjoyed talking to the spectators, letting small children fly our kites, seeing the other kites fly and watching the sport kite demonstrations. We had great ice this year, gentle enough wind to let the children "hold on tight" to our kites, enough wind to keep the kites up most of the time, warm enough temperatures on Saturday to keep Charmayne from freezing yet cold enough not to let the ice thaw, wind for the night fly (yea!). Sunday morning was drippy -- yes, it rained -- but the afternoon saw enough wind without rain to nearly dry the line laundry. All in all a very successful weekend of flying.

Monona Terrace

This is the Monona Terrace from out on the lake.

KOI 2003 new line laundry

Our new line laundry made it's debut.

KOI 2003 line laundry

I especially like Bob's very bizarre X piece. 

Man in the Moon replica Top Flite kite New baby octopus kite. The 2 kites at the right are ones we let the kid's fly. Our new baby blue octopus is a petite 7 meters from head to tip. We made him from Soar Coat and he certainly does fly nicely.
Line laundry fills the lower sky region pretty quickly with lots of color, motion and interest. KOI 2003 Pink and Green line.
Mike's giant chain. KOI 2003 Our new 6 legged round guy line laundry.
As always, Scott Skinner has wonderful patchwork creations in the air. His owl's ears waggle in the wind due to intentional sticking. Scott's bird rok. Scott's owl.
Bernhard's baby ptersauras flew at Madison. Baby bird Bernhard's baby ptersauraus.
Skin or is that sky diver? Skin diver Jerry Houk's diver swam through the overcast sky in front of the Terrace windows.
Valcke delta fish kites. KOI 2003 KOI 2003
Sport kites

The sport kite demos were great fun to watch.

 Mike Gee's giant line laundry on the ice.

Mike Gee launching giant line laundry.

Bob and 2 helpers.

Bob and 2 helpers.

Wind Garden Robert Valkenburgh
Robert Valkenburgh, from Holland, brought his beautiful wind garden.
Robert Valkenburgh


3 borrowed pictures from David Gomberg. Thanks! It is hard to wander around to take pictures and still hold onto my kite!  These pictures were out of my range. You can see more at:  http://www.gombergkites.com/
Gerard Clement's mermaid Kaatje Valcke's new soft flower kite Eliahu Shavit and his bols