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Charmayne's display case (one of them!)



I have hundreds of push puppets. They are all over the house. These are views of my glass display case. It is my intention to have gallery pages with close-ups of more of my puppets. I am working on those pages but it is a long term project! Here are some of my favorites. At the bottom of the page is a photo of my three dog sizes: mini, regular, and plus.


miscellaneous dogs and boxers and drunks

Kohner puppets, the Tin Man and a clown

Wakouwa pups and "Lambkin"

dogs, dogs, and more dogs!

Italian people puppets


Dogs come in the standard size, plus size and mini ....

3 sizes of dogs These are my three sizes of dogs. The big one was a store display and overall is 16 inches tall or nearly 41cm! It was mounted on the counter in a way that children could reach under and push the giant-sized button. Only the tail and head move but even at just that, this is a wonderful push puppet. It was made by the At A Toy company. The mid-size dog is the normal Happy Dog size, about 6 inches tall. Happy is my over-all favorite. I have dozens of Happy's on different bases. Each is wonderful! They originally were made under the Wakouwa label and later under a license by Kohner Company. The tiny dog is from Italy and is a petite 2.25 inches in height. Overall with his base, he is 3 inches tall. A miniature Happy.


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