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03 March 2000 internal weekly update / informational bulletin     Hospital use only. No outside distribution.

Our current inmate population is down to 4 plus 2 new arrivals. Still waiting  for their various operations are the Hula Dancer, the gray poodle, Wilma Flintstone (nah, Fred doesn't miss her as he is out bowling with the boys), and the beautiful Kohner wood elephant. The elephant is an amputee and is waiting for prosthetics to be manufactured. As soon as the prosthetics are fitted, re-hab will start.

The 2 new arrivals are little critters a looong way from home. They made the arduous journey from Fiddle-dd's home in the wilds of Louisiana. Not even being allowed to adjust to the cold, damp climate of our Gig Harbor based hospital, they almost immediately went into surgery after the admittance paperwork was complete.

Patient number 1:
Pup number 1 is a KIB-ITZ Horse and rider originally from Pittsburgh. The horse suffered a broken leg at the hands of a 80+ year old cowgal. She nearly shot the horse, to put him out of his misery, but the decision was made to send him to Washington for surgery, heavily sedated of course. He is not only very valuable but also a family favorite. Rider came along, to care for and reassure his favorite mount.


KIB-ITZ horse and rider, after surgery.

The look on Rider's face at the time of the accident.


Work on the KIB-ITZ Horse was limited to restoration only. The back strings are still original. The ears are extremely fragile. Therefore Dr. Umbowers decided not to try to remove the head from the neck. The glue was still holding very tightly. So the new strings going through the front legs had to be tied to the remaining original string, coming from the neck. KIB-ITZ doesn't sit exactly flat on the base. He is slightly tilted. But the risk of ear damage was too great to allow for a perfectly flat base. He is whole again which was the goal.

Patient number 2:
The other out-of-state visitor is Happy Snappy himself! Quite famous! and we are having trouble with the press constantly asking for interviews. But while under the weather, Mr. Snappy has declined to speak yet will allow some photographs after his recovery.  This is most generous of him and all proceeds will go to his favorite charity, Collapsing Dogs Unlimited. Mr. Snappy broke his leg while showing off to impress the girls. What can we say... Quite embarrassing for him.  He also gave the OK for these never seen before and incredible photos to be circulated among the hospital staff for educational purposes. Mr. Snappy is all about furthering education and Collapsing Dogs Unlimited. We applaud him for his benevolent works.


Mr. Happy Snappy's head...
bits and pieces...

Spring without canvas covering. The squeaker mechanism is on the top.
Topping the spring is the reed or squeaker.
Repaired spring assembly with canvas covering.


The pictures aboveshow his squeaker and spring. The spring allows for the push action. The squeaker is a bellows and metal reed. Canvas encases the spring and forces air up through the metal squeaker or reed.  (See center picture.) As the canvas gets old and brittle it will leak air and not work properly. The squeaker will not make noise. Dr. Umbowers has experimented with various replacement materials.  Soar Coat, "Saran Wrap",  thumbs from latex gloves. All have been successful. But he is constantly looking for durability and longevity. In this case, Saran Wrap is now under the canvas on Mr. Snappy's spring/bellows. The glue has dried and the repaired squeaker has been tested. Yea! Squeak, squeak!!!


A special operating table was devised just recently. It is still in prototype form. Mr. Snappy requested we allow him to test it. Below view the pictures of it. It was developed after Bronco Bill came into our hospital for a "tune-up". He was sure a better table could be devised and came up with design, using himself as the guinea pig as it were, to show us it's beneficial features.. He was absolutely correct. The table looks like it will perform well and we will use it for Mr. Snappy's surgery. It will keep the spring depressed and the button at the correct height during the re-stringing process. A stout rubber band hooks over the puppet's base. The button sits inside the white dish, the base sits outside it on the board.


More later.... Surgery is still underway.

Next update...




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