Charmayne's Push Puppet Page

My Russian push puppets


Russian push puppets? Some plastic, some wood.

... were these made in the Soviet Union, correctly called The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or commonly also called Russia? I would love to be able to say for sure. As I purchased each one, the eBay seller told me it had been made in Russia, probably in the 1960's. That is what I know. And a couple of them I know where the previous owner lived and the manufacturer of the chimney sweep. Take a look... If you have any information regarding these old plastic puppets, I would be happy to hear from you.

I have five puppets.

deer  deer's head  deer

the wood deer from Bulgaria ~~ note his little spots!

dog 1  dog 1 side view  dog label

the dog from the Ukraine
chimney sweep  chimney sweep rear view  chimney sweep base and label

chimney sweep, made by the Straume, a Latvian company
dog 2  dog 2 rear view

the second dog
zebra  zebra's head  zebra's base

zebra, all wood



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