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homemade cat  cat, side view boy and girl dancers Daggie's donkey  donkey head the giant Tinman  Tinman's button and base
Mr. Cat

Mr. Cat is quite excellent in his uniqueness. He is 4 3/4 inches tall (120 mm). His tail is connected to his body and does not move. He is a "push my button and I will fall over" type of puppet. What a great face he has! He is painted black and white with a thin red collar.

Boy and Girl Dancers

These are roughly made and stand 4 3/4 inches tall. They are quite old judging from their looks. The legs are rubber tubes, the rest is from wood. They do not have feet. The boy and girl, especially the boy, are quite responsive and move well. This pair could use restringing as they sit so cockeyed but until they break I have leveled them by putting a drop or two of hot glue on one side of the button.

TThe Wonderful Donkey

I call him Daggie's Donkey as I bought him in Europe and had him sent to my friend, Daggie, in Germany. He was hand delivered to me the following summer in Denmark at a kite gathering. He is a world traveler for sure. Mr. Donkey's sits on a 3 5/16 inch square base made of wood which has been very nicely joined together. I think his head was originally a dowel which was hand carved into his excellent head. He is 5.5 inches (about 145mm) tall.

The Tinman

He is a giant 13.5" (345 mm) tall. His base is an octagon nearly 5 inches across. He sits totally flat due to the recessed button. Take a look at the enlargement of the base photo. This guy is super and was one of a collection of homemade puppets. I was told there were more of the Wizard of OZ characters but the Tinman was the last to be sold. If you happen to have any of these, I would love a photo. It almost goes without saying I would be happy for the opportunity to purchase them.






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