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My Donkey puppets


At-A-Toy   At-A-Toy donkey
Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Kohner colored donkey   Kohner transition base donkey
Kohner colored donkeys. Wood base and transition base.
Kohner grey donkeys
Kohner grey donkeys
Ditzy Donkey
Mr. Ditzy Donkey
Grey Donkey
the grey donkey, maybe a Wakouwa
Do-Bo   Do-Bo side view
large DO-BO
second Do-Bo
a second DO-BO
Kohner round mouth donkey
Round mouth donkey. Perhaps a small DO-BO.
The donkey on the left is mine. It does not have any label markings but it is probably a DO-BO. Rike sent me a photo of her small DO-BO which came with a box. Aside from the patina, mine seems to be just like her DO-BO Jr.
The large DO-BO above is approximately 18.5 cm tall and Jr. is about 11 cm.  Height measurements change depending on how far out the button extends from the base. 
Rike's small DO-BO
Rike's DO-BO Jr. with it's box.



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