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My Ditzy by Rome puppets


Ditzy creatures are strange push puppets. They are as large as the Wakouwa and early Kohner puppets. The donkey stands about 5.5 inches (14 cm) tall. The animals on their square bases look like the Wakouwa and Kohner animals. But these puppets are almost entirely plastic. Aside from ears and tails and the spring and strings, they are made from plastic. I have found my Ditzy's on eBay. In all my searching I have not found any information about the Rome (I guess) company. Not where, when, how, or why. Guess I know the "what"! Please share if you know anything about these puppets. I have four...   Ditzy label  
Close-up of the label
Ditzy camel Ditzy camel head
Mr. Ditzy Camel

Ditzy donkey

Mr. Ditzy Donkey


  Ditzy Zebra Ditzy Zebra left
Ms. Ditzy Zebra
Ditzy giraffeDitzy giraffe head
Mrs. Ditzy Giraffe



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