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Halloween is an old American holiday. When my mother "celebrated", she would ride the hay wagon with her sisters to the neighboring farms. No candy was given. It was just a fun evening. When I was a child, we dressed in costumes, rang doorbells, sang out "Trick or Treat" and were given a piece of candy. My sons did not get to go trick or treating much as the scare of nasty surprises in candy and apples was occuring all too often. Instead, parties at schools and malls and churches were held. My grandchildren once again go trick or treating in their neighborhood. bull
Count Dracula 

  Halloween is all about pretend spooks, ghosts, and goblins, Count Dracula and Frankenstein, witches and black cats. Pumpkins and Jack-o'lanterns,  fall leaves, costumes, apple cider, hay rides, and corn mazes. Here are my Halloween puppets...
Fun World puppets
1960's Fun World Halloween gang
Fun World Witch
Fun World Witch
Fun World Witch side view
Fun World Witch side view
witch close-up
close-up of this beauty
  green witch
Green faced witch
green witch side view
side view
green faced witch rear view
Fun World Pumpkin Head
Fun World Pumpkin Head
Fun World Skeleton
Fun World Skeleton
skeleton side view
side view
Fun World Label
1960's Fun World Label
made in Hong Kong
scarecrow version 2
scarecrow, version two
scarecrow, version 3
scarecrow, version three
scarecrow, version four
Chinese made witch, version two

witch version 4
Chinese made witch, version three

fairy-scary witch
Chinese made witch, version four
Extra special as she was a gift. Thank you, Pam
rear view

skeleton version 2
skeleton, number two
Da Da Da
skeleton, number three, The VW guy
glow in the dark
skeleton, number 4, glows in the dark
skeleton version 2
skeleton, number five
Mummy version 2
Mummy, version two
set of 4
Taco time puppets, Chinese made
Taco Time ghost
rear view of ghost
rear view of ghost
black cat
Taco Time black cat
Taco Time Frankenstein
witch version 2
Taco Time witch
World Market witch
World Market witchy owl
World Market Dracula
World Market Dracula owl
World Market Frankenstein 
World Market Frankenstein owl
World Market Owl 
World Market pumpkin head owl
World Market label
World Market's manufacturer's label 
    black cat version 2
black cat, version two 
large cat
large cat
large cat rear view
rear view
close-up of large cat
base of large cat
Two other collectors have told me this set contains 3 puppets: the black cat,  the pumpkin man, and a witch which actually cackles when pushed. I NEED the witch. Of course!! The pumpkin man is extra special as I got him from another collector. Thank you, Rhonda! Pumpkin Man front 
pumpkin man
Pumpkin Man rear 
rear view

plastic set of 4
Plastic set of four...

Skeleton, number six

Green Guy
Green Guy

Purple Guy
Purple Guy
Orange Guy
Pumpkin Head
  version 2 ghost
ghost, version two
black cat stack
Halloween Totem Pole?!!?
Frankenstein version 2
Frankenstein, version two
Frankenstein version 3
Frankenstein, version three
Tombstone R.I.P.
Tombstone R.I.P. from my friend Jackbot96
Tombstone version 2
Tombstone, version two





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