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My one of a kind puppets

They were many puppets made in the last half century which were not licensed and many that were homemade and some that just don't seem to fit into any other catagory I have.  If I know anything about them, I have tried to put it here, too. Most were purchased on eBay and many times the sellers did not know anything about the puppet either. This is a start to this group. It should grow with time. GertieGertie
This is Talking Gertie and Sassy Black Bill

I do know a little of the story of Gertie and Black Bill and who made this puppet. Click here to open a new page to read about her.
homemade bear   close-up of the bear   the bear's button

The little brown bear.
New information from Jane! This little bear was made by Kohner.
music box cat    close-up    just a box?    box's bottom
This cube shaped box looks like it should store a dice game. Not so. Open the hinged lid and you discover a music box with an Italian cat push puppet standing on a pedestal. The cat is controlled by a cam, making him move as the music plays. The previous owner told me she had had it for many years. It is very old. The mirror needs replacing but other than that, the box and music box and puppet are in beautiful condition.  The previous owner cherished it as do I.
remote control Happy    close up of Happy    movie 

Remote control Happy!!!
Bob snatched one of my Happy Dogs and turned him into a wonderful Christmas present for me. He is probably the only remotely controlled Happy Dog around. You can see him in action by clicking on the movie camera. No sound and about 40 seconds.

Tipsitoff is not quite a push puppet. But very interesting.
Click on this link to see more pictures of him including those while being repaired in Bob's Push Puppet Hospital.



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