Bob and Charmayne's hints and tricks

 Geometric Line Laundry

One day Bob came home with the suggestion we try geometric line laundry. He had found a web site of Polyhedras. We have made several including a compound of two cubes, a compound of cube and octahedron, and a Pentagrammic Antiprisim. We started with a simple one: a compound of two tetrahedra or the Stella Octangula. Some need internal structure in the form of mesh or netting to keep their shape. The Stella does not. We made the paper model first. This always helps me keep track of where I am during the sewing process. It also helped us decide what colors went where. Stella Octangula

Down load both the instruction file and the photograph file, both in PDF format. A new window will open for each. 

If you want more polyhedra pieces on your laundry line, do a Google search for polyhedra.

Stellas airborne Stella Line Laundry