Bob and Charmayne's hints and tricks

 #1:  Pocket Tips

Sometimes it is hard to get spars into pockets when you are on the flying field, fighting the wind and your kite skin is blowing around. Here are a few tricks to help that issue become less of an issue.

First trick is to fold over a little bit of what will become the top of the pocket. Having the opening edge thicker will make rod insertion easier. Fold it to the outside of the pocket so the edge won't accidently pull off a loose end cap. It is a little hem. Sometimes I sew across it, not always.

Second trick for pockets... I make our pockets so they do not lie completely flat. Use a thin rod slipped into the pocket when sewing the second side. This will build in a little bubble so the rod can slide in a bit easier. Simple to do and it will make kite assembly less frustrating. This can be seen in the top picture.

Third trick... Look at the finished pocket picture below. Notice you don't see stitching at the bottom of the pocket. It is secured however. I fold my pocket and position it properly. Unfold the pocket and sew across the fold (the bottom of the pocket). Now you can fold the pocket back over and sew one side, the top edge and lastly the second side, remembering to insert the thin stick.

 Trick number four... If a large rod needs to go into a pocket, I will cut the pocket a little wider above the foldline. Look carefully at the finished pocket in the picture below. You will see the top layer of Dacron on the left side is not quite even with the under layer. This is usually OK but if the rod is large and the bubble big, cutting the pocket side a bit wider is better. YOur pocket will be more secure.

Trick number five... use 4 ounce Dacron for your pocket.  Cut out the pockets with scissors and run a hot knife along the cut edges. You will have super strong pockets and the edges will not fray.

pocket pucker
finished pocket