2kiters        #6 Parasled Rod Connector


Here's a trick Bob came up. We had been struggling matching pairs of rods when we put our large ParaSleds together and at least one set would not come out as a whole when we pulled the rods back out. Another struggle. The pictures are pretty self-explanatory.  Tubing, kite line and glue is all you need. One piece of tubing slides, the other is fixed. You tension the line before putting it into the sleeve; the full length rod can be pulled back out easily. Loosen the line to separate the rods when you disassemble the kite. A post script to the rods... one rod (on the left in the picture below) has an external ferel. The other rod is scratched and discolored from sliding it in and out of its mate. It does not have an internal ferel.

Parasled connector
ready for insertion into sleeve