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Over the years I have collected old original photographs of children and diamond kites. Here they are. The small pictures lead to big ones if you click on them. Most of them started very small, 3.25" x 5", 3.5" x 3.5", odd sizes such as 5 3/4" x 3.5", etc. Some have writing on the back, most not. I have scanned them, took out the big scratches and improved the contrast.

This picture is of a serious, beautiful little boy taken in 1942. His kite is a paper Hi-Flier Big Ben Tailless.

Big Ben

Big Ben

Allan J. DeLay photo The photo to the left was taken in the 1950's by Allan J. DeLay. According to information I found on the Internet, he was a photographer most of his life, working for the U.S. Army, The Oregonian newspaper, freelancing, photographing American celebrities and presidents, publishing in Time and Life magazines, taking wonderful shots of history such as this one of the 5 little boys watching while Dad strung the Cloud Buster clown kite. It was probably taken in the Portland, Oregon area.  

Are they twin boys? At least twin kites, maybe different colors.

Sky Master by Top Flite.

Sky Master 


Big League kite

One of the few color pictures we have that still has color. I bought this photo from an eBay UK seller. It was taken on Easter in 1953. Linda is the little girl, Larry and his Dad, Sam and Grandpa. The children are cousins. They ALL flew the kite and posed for the photo op in the driveway. Kudos to Mother for recording all this information on the back!

The kite is the baseballer, Big League.

Big League back of photo 

Western Burger

This is Charmayne as a little girl! Along with my baby brother, John. Mom is kneeling and big brother George is holding up his kite. Taken in Bakersfield, California, in February of 1956.

The kite is "Western Ranger". It was from the Alox Manufacturing Company, St. Louis, Missouri. It is very hard to see but the graphic is a cowboy on a bucking bronco. Other graphics by Alox include several rocket ships, Mickey, and an eagle. Photo to the right is courtesy of The Firecracker Press in St. Louis. They are printing posters of the Alox graphics from the original plates. Interested? Here is the link to their web page.


Western Ranger graphic

I found another photo of me with a Hi-flier! This one was taken in 1961. Now my little brother is not a baby on the ground, but a 6-year old ready to have fun. Charmayne with a Stratoflier The kite is a Strat-o-flier by Hi-Flier. This is one of the kites Bob and I have turned into a replica and enjoy flying.

One of my favorite Cloud Buster designs is the circus clown. Here, a little girl stands with her kite, complete with bed sheet tail.  

Circus Clown

Man in the Moon  This little boy is not too much bigger than his Top Flite paper kite. He is pretty pleased with his kite from the smile on his face!
It is the Man in the Moon. Another favorite, another replica we made and fly often.
  Here is a kite we have never actually seen except for this photo which is another one I bought on eBay. It looks like a brother and sister, ready to fly their Paratrooper kites. There is not a manufacturer on the tip of the kite.   Para Trooper kite

Sky Boy is a photograph I have a high resolution scan of, not the original photo. Another eBay auction but one which I did not win. I traded the buyer a scan of the picture for a raffle item for his kite event. I wanted to make a replica (and we did). 
Sky Boy   
Circus Clown  Scary photo to be sure! This boy is flying his Circus Clown from several stories above the street. We bought the old slide and then had a terrible time getting a print made.    
Sky Rider  Taken in 1952, this little boy and his Sky Rider kite make a wonderful picture.  Another very happy boy!
It is a Cloud Buster kite.
  This is never a happy event but it looks like she will get her "tailless kite" out of the kite-eating tree.   treed